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SMART robotics

Welcome to Stark Robotix!

the universal robot operating system 

Powered by StarkOX, your robot will provide support at all situations. 
It will be your personal assistant by reminding you of personal appointments, it will entertain you and your family or it will even guard your property.

Your privatE robot

fits your needs

StarkOX is extremely flexible, scalable and adaptable. It will suit to most situations perfectly and can be used on nearly all kinds of your robotic hardware components.

Thanks to StarkOX your robot is being socialised as your pal and will become part of your daily life, just the way your smartphone did.

StarkOX, the first universal Open Source AI Robot Operating System. It provides easy to use hardware abstraction and commonly-used functionality.

Furthermore, strong cognitive functions, voice and pattern detection together with a new powerful scripting language provide possibilities to create and share abstract behavior patterns.

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